Comtax at a glance

Since 1985 Comtax has provided multinational companies, law firms, tax consultants and leading banks worldwide with unique tax control tools in order to meet international tax compliance requirements and use internal and external resources more efficiently. This is how we see it:

The problem is complex - International tax planning has been likened to a labyrinth without a clearly defined starting point and no known ending point. Tax rates and regulations which apply in individual jurisdictions are constantly being changed or updated - change is the only certainty. It is the sheer volume of data involved that makes tax planning issues hard to tackle. And it is further complicated by the structure of a multinational group, particularly the relations between subsidiaries. Comtax tax experts makes thousands changes and updates annually in the systems in order to be accurate at any point in time.

The solution is simple - Any question can be put into the Comtax software and, in a matter of seconds, it will extract the relevant information and tax regulations from its database, mathematically analyse the options available and rank them in order of tax efficiency.


The international tax professional will now be able to focus on the qualitative options at hand instead of on routine work, apply his/her expertise to verify and confirm them before issuing the final recommendation. Comtax is the only company worldwide to offer a tax management software suite, specially tailored for international tax professionals.

Comtax is organised from the inside and out in order to ensure that our customers know how to utilise all the benefits of the Comtax software. We believe in product offerings with a complete solution, therefore without additional charges, talk to our international tax lawyers about any related tax issue that you may have:

  • Use our in-house technical support and they will promptly assist you with any technical issue,
  • Reach out to any of our skilled trainers and they will provide you with extensive training delivered both online and onsite.